01. Demo cassette/CDR

(Self-released, 2008)

1. I Can't Think Right Now
2. We Weren't Meant For Free Time
3. Smile & Nod
4. A Connecticut Honky In Paul Revere's Court
5. What I Did Over Winter Break
6. Rumbleseats & Running Boards (tape only)

70 copies on purple shells.
35 - 50 CDRs, some in hand-assembled cardstock gatefold sleeves, some in stenciled foldover sleeves.


I CAN'T THINK RIGHT NOW - I'm counting my steps between the cracks on the sidewalk, a countdown to what I don't know. Busy people going by. We stare and think what wastes of time, but what do I have to show? I'm not sure of many things, but I know that I should make up my mind before its done for me. Stuck in my ways and stuck in days. Slowly figuring out all there is is all I see.

WE WEREN'T MEANT FOR FREE TIME - You say you're sick of all the things you've been doing to keep yourself from getting bored. You say this place doesn't seem to cut it. There's only so much we can ignore. There goes your head again, stuck in the past tense. Is it just me or have we done this before? Everywhere you go just seems to lead to the same place. Forget what you need to, forget every face. There goes your head again, its just a means to an end. Is it just me or have I said this before?

SMILE & NOD - I'm trying not to compromise myself, waiting for a combover, someone to pat my back and tell me "everything is fine". It's like apathy is a fucking virtue now, so I've got to learn to stick to the script and smile and nod. I don't fucking understand this place. I don't understand you. I guess it was my own mistake thinking everything could stay the same. Its a bad prescription of days stuffed into years. Shrug it off, who needs these convictions anyway? Give yourself to everyone and what's left of you? Just a monument to what could've been. I don't understand this place. I don't understand you. I don't even want to try.

A CONNECTICUT HONKY IN PAUL REVERE'S COURT - Went to the city, watched life by a bus view. Everyone was doing what they're supposed to. Killed time watching birds and street signs gliding by my tired face. If you could see this right now, your heart would beat right out of its chest. Let's go and see how many pebbles we can kick tonight.

WHAT I DID OVER WINTER BREAK - The city's getting grey now. Get your winter coat out and stow your bike away. All my friends are either snowed in or sleeping and the heating bill could kill. Drinking coffee til ten in the evening to bide my time until my friends aren't hibernating, my hopes and dreams aren't frozen.